Is following “ engagement ring trends ” a mistake?

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There is no denying that an engagement ring is probably to most important item of jewellery that any woman will ever own. This pressure is what makes it imperative that the right one is picked – but how is anyone meant to know when they have found the one?

While some ladies will swoon over a classic solitaire design – others will appreciate something more dramatic and unique. Though some engagement ring designs are timeless, other styles do come in and out of fashion – but can an engagement ring really be ‘on trend?’

It’s difficult to know whether if you go for a fashionable design, it will be completely passé in a few years’ time. An engagement ring isn’t something that women plan on replacing, so it’s not something that should be on-trend, right?

Who hasn’t looked at pictures from their younger years, and just thought what on earth was I thinking?! It happens. Times changes, trends change and styles will always come in and out fashion – this isn’t about to stop now.

When this could become a problem, however, is if in a decade either you or your significant other looks down at your engagement ring and asks, “What were we thinking?”.

The truth is, as much as fashions adapt, so do our sensibilities and tastes. While you may be able to look back and cringe in horror at your perm and shoulder pads, your engagement ring should be something you are always in love with.

So how can you select something that’s unique, but that won’t be out of style in a few years?

Certain designs and materials will make a difference in how timeless your engagement ring is. It may also be the case that a unique diamond shape or extreme setting you choose now doesn’t work for a lifestyle in a few years, or won’t adapt to your style as you get that little bit more “mature”.

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Focus on style, not fashion

There’s a reason that there are classic styles — they stand the test of time. Take Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” — a little black dress and big black sunglasses. This look will never go out of style – it hasn’t since. And that’s because it’s about style, not following the latest fashion trend.

The classic engagement ring is the solitaire set with a round brilliant diamond – which has lasted so long at the top because it’s effortlessly stunning. A princess cut diamond is a close second for the same reason. You can play with other aspects of your ring – the size and shape of the diamond, the height of the setting, the type of the metal or the width of the band – all to suit your tastes, but this style will always look just right.

Many people now think of this as the ‘boring’, safe choice, but it’s really not. It’s a smart choice. Something doesn’t stay as popular as thing ring style has for so long if it’s boring.


With all of this said, it’s also important that you do consider the personality of the lady who will be wearing the ring. Times may change and fashions may change, but if your bride is a vivacious, lively lady – this isn’t going to change – (we hope not anyway)! So don’t buy her a shy and retiring ring.

Shopping for personality will always trump shopping for fashion.

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Make it match

These days the most popular materials for engagement rings and wedding bands are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. The biggest mistake you can make is getting whichever is ‘popular’ at the time you’re buying instead of looking at what your bride-to-be wears.

If she has bundles of yellow-gold jewellery – she probably likes yellow-gold jewellery. So stick to this, don’t try to be ‘trendy’ and get a rose gold band that will clash with all her other pieces.

Get what you want – design it yourself

Buying an off-the-shelf ring is so 10 years ago. Buying a bespoke engagement ring is very trendy right now – and won’t leave you with a ring you’ll hate come 2030! You can actually save money by looking for loose diamonds online and get them set by a specialist jeweller so you can be sure your ring will be one of a kind.

While your bride will probably say yes to whatever you buy her, it’s important to get it right! You want to both find something that you can love forever, so make sure that you do your research and find a style she will cherish.


Guest Post written by Bethany Pembrook.

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